#2 Ghosted On Email?

Ever wondered why your client didn't get back to your email about a meeting? Or why keeping momentum and pace going in a project seems so hard?

On my drive in today, I listened to a Brainy Business podcast that explains how many of us inadvertently communicate in a way that makes it difficult for customers to buy from us. And more importantly, give some simple tips to make it easy.

From giving 3x time options for securing that meeting to making the next step easy to take to keep momentum in a project and a whole host of other tips that you can use every day.

When you have 45 mins you can listen to the whole podcast here.

Alternatively, skip to 12 mins 47 seconds and hear why 'let me know when a good time is for you is NOT the personal touch we think it is. I'm guilty of sending almost this exact email to try connect to a potential client 2 weeks ago and now know why I haven't heard anything back. 

It’s the small details that matter.


Check out what's next in Uncorked. 

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Ian Foulds
Ian Foulds

As The Zoo Republic's Strategy Director, Ian is often found surrounded by post-it notes, research findings, and reports looking for the connections that help us understand what makes people tick. Ian uses his own innovative interpretation of Behavioural Economics principles to help businesses identify what is holding consumers back, and to discover the levers we can pull to inspire behavioural change.