#1 Uncorked: Behavioural Economics for Thirsty Marketing Brains

What is Uncorked all about? 

At best, we only think about 1 in 20 decisions we make.
That’s at least 95% of decisions made without us knowing about it.
Crazy right?

Thanks to the groundbreaking work of Daniel Kahneman (who provided us with this stark wake-up call that’s been proven out by neuroscientists), and the academic work that has followed over the last 40 years (too many books to mention here - see my top 5) our eyes have been opened up to some amazing things our brains do.

With over 150 principles it’s a minefield and whilst undoubtedly fascinating, it is only now that this field of study has turned to how we can practically apply behavioural economics to businesses.

So that’s what Uncorked is all about. Cracking open a principle and giving examples of how you can use it to make your business more brain-friendly.

Let’s start with two examples that we’re using right now.


This is a technique that uses meanings (e.g. words, brand assets) that activate associated memories (schema, stereotypes, attitudes, etc.) to engage people in a task, which is why this is #1.

It sets the expectation that you’ve become used to with TV pilots and podcasts that the first in a series will set up everything you need to know. It’s why you’re here and not at #14.


A list of the principles is unhelpful in the extreme. Not just because it would be a boring and looooong read. It’s because our brains can only keep 7 things to mind at once and actually make better decisions when we have to remember far fewer (more on that another time).

So we’ve chunked down the whole field for you in a way that applies directly to marketing. As marketing is in the business of ultimately encouraging a change in people’s current behaviour we have done the hard yards of identifying what commonly inhibits behaviour change and equally importantly, what you can do to enable the change you seek.

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Ian Foulds
Ian Foulds

As The Zoo Republic's Strategy Director, Ian is often found surrounded by post-it notes, research findings, and reports looking for the connections that help us understand what makes people tick. Ian uses his own innovative interpretation of Behavioural Economics principles to help businesses identify what is holding consumers back, and to discover the levers we can pull to inspire behavioural change.